How we do it

Podcaster Partner takes care of all post production work and assists with strategy, marketing and optimisation, leaving you to focus on on what you do best – sharing your knowledge and passion with the world!  


1. We Record Your Audio

We interview you over the internet or phone either as your co-host or just to prompt you to keep the story going.  All you need is a computer and microphone or just a phone.


2. We Edit Your Content

We will edit the entire content of your show. Get rid of all those pesky “Ums”, awkward pauses, and parts you wanted to remove. Then we add in the Intros, Outros, and Show Music.


3. We Create Show Notes & Artwork

We create detailed show notes, complete with links and relevant descriptions in a form you like. Then, we’ll create killer art work for every episode.


4. We Publish the Episode

With all of the pieces in place, we will publish the episode to your media host & site, and give you pre-populated posts for your chosen social media platforms.

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